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The Federation of Texas Psychiatry unites Texas' professional psychiatric organizations. Voting member organizations - the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, the Texas Academy of Psychiatry, and the Texas Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Associate member organizations - the Texas Foundation for Psychiatric Education and Research, the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association and the Texas Medical Association - together represent about 45,000 physicians in Texas united in advocacy for patients and quality psychiatric care.


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July 18-20, 2014

Texas Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Meeting and CME Program

La Cantera Hill Country Resort, San Antonio

Hotel Reservations: $190 prior to June 16; Call 1-800-937-8461

For the Meeting Program and Registration form, please click here.

November 14-16, 2014

Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians Annual Convention & Scientific Program

Westin Park Central Hotel, Dallas

Hotel Reservations: $159 prior to October 14; Call 1-800-937-8461

“Update in Psychiatric Care: Changes & Challenges in Practice”
November 8-10, 2013 * Westin Houston Memorial City Hotel, Houston, Texas

"I am a member because I believe we should organize and act collectively for the benefit of our patients and profession." James Kreisle, MD

"What I enjoy most from TSPP is fellowship with colleagues who come together from throughout the State of Texas, from a wide range of professional practice backgrounds, to share ideas and learn in community from one another." Melissa S. Deuter, MD

"What I value most from TSPP is service on committees that foster high quality patient care, service to community and service to the profession." Terry McMahon, MD

"The major strengths of TSPP are continued good quality programs, strong staff and physician leadership, and strong voice and influence with State government and the APA." Mitch Jones, MD

"I am a member because TSPP has been the glue that has helped me have connectivity with excellence in psychiatry." Lynda Parker, MD

"The major strength of TSPP is that it represents the highest in the ideals of being physicians and promoting care of our patients." Daniel Pearson, III, MD

"I am a member because I want to maintain ties to fellow psychiatrists, get CME and contribute to the legislative process to support the profession." Susan Thompson, MD

"The major strengths of TSPP are persistence and commitment to missions, legislative advocacy, and professional education." Joseph Burkett, MD

"I am a member because it's an inherent part of being a professional." Mark Jacobs, MD

"The major strengths of TSPP are its focus on legislative issues central to psychiatry and very well organized meetings." Tim Wolff, MD

"I am a member for multiple reasons: fellowship with colleagues, input on State laws, and practice standards that result in better care for our patients." Marie Kelly, MD

"I am a member because of TSPP's advocacy for psychiatry, education, and fellowship with colleagues. I believe membership is essential for our profession." Catherine Roberts, MD

I am a member because of pride in my profession and loyalty to my profession." Ray Faber, MD


Texas Psychiatrist

 Identity Theft

Martha Leatherman, MD, Past President, Texas Academy of Psychiatry

Did I get your attention? It’s a real problem and affects people throughout the country, but the identity theft I’m talking about is the one you’re likely thinking about.

The dictionary defines identity theft as “the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain.” I would like to propose
another sort of identity theft that has been happening in American medicine for at least the last twenty years. It hasn’t made the news; it hasn’t been defined in our common
vernacular; it hasn’t been declared a crime. That is because it has been widely accepted as a reasonable evolution of American medicine. The identity theft I’m
talking about is the slow creep of para-professionals into the practice of medicine, and the use of the words “doctor,” and “physician” to mean things other than a professional

who has devoted his life to studying medicine and has earned an M.D. or D.O.  To read more, click here for the Texas Psychiatrist Newsletter


The following TSPP members have been recognized as 50 Year Members and new Life status members in 2014, as follows:

New 50 Year Members

Jorge G. De la Torre, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow, Houston
William E. Fann, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow Houston
Edmundo J. Ruiz, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow, Laredo
Beverly J. Sutton, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow, Austin

New Life Status Members

Mark S. Jacobs, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow, Houston
Thomas R. Kosten, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow, Bellaire
Scott R. Elkin, DO, Life Fellow, Austin
Ronald Garb, MD, Life Fellow, Houston
Krishnaiah Rayasam, MD, Life Fellow, Corpus Christi
Susan D. Delaney, MD, Life Member, Plano
Kenneth J. Krajewski, MD, Life Member, Houston
Russell C. Packard, MD, Life Member, Palestine
Michael A. Schlesser, MD, Life Member, Dallas
Leslie W. Smith, MD, Life Member, Fort Worth
David L. Tyler, MD, Life Member, Dallas

These members will be recognized in the program of the Convocation at the APA Annual Meeting in New York on May 5, 2014.


TSPP extends its congratulations to the following members who have been approved by the APA for Distinguished Fellow, Life Fellow and Fellow for 2014.

Distinguished Fellow

Matthew D. Jeffreys, MD, San Antonio

Life Fellow

Michael L. Pipkin, MD, Houston


Anoop Bhagat, MD, San Antonio
Esteban A. Gonzalez, MD, McAllen
John O. Lusins, III, MD, Corpus Christi
Lili Meisamy, DO, Fort Worth
Kehinde A. Ogundipe, MD, Dallas

Elizabeth E. Ohiku, MD, Houston
Aashish R. Parikh, MD, Grand Praire
Anant N. Patel, MD, Fort Worth
Rosario Rodriquez, MD, San Antonio
Rachel A. Russo, MD, Dallas
Kurt I. Schwartz, MD, Harker Heights
Mouna G. Sfeir, MD, Austin
Kathryn R. Sickorez, MD, Dallas
Martha W. St. John, MD, Houston
Kristopher S. Steinke, MD, Fredericksburg
Anil K. Swarup, MD, Dallas
Meena B. Vyas, MD, Flower Mound
Tara T. Wagner, MD, Austin
Arvinder Singh Walia, MD, Austin
Kari M. Wolf, MD, Austin
Rosalyn Womack, DO, San Antonio
Beverly B. Wu, MD, Grapevine
Maria I. Zapata-Vega, MD, Harker Heights
Tanya Ann Zielinski, MD, Grapevine


To read The Federation's latest Newsletter, Texas Psychiatristclick here.


The Texas Legislature convened in January. It was another challenging Session and the Federation and its member organizations were heavily involved in monitoring legislation and educating legislators about psychiatric issues. 

Member organizations of the Federation, the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, the Texas Academy of Psychiatry and the Texas Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, urge you to become involved in the political and legislative process to ensure that quality psychiatric care and patient safety are preserved and protected.

To assist in your involvement in the legislative process, bills of interest to psychiatry in the most recent Legislation Session may be viewed by clicking here.


Politics is all about relationships -- "In politics, familiarity doesn't breed contempt. It breeds votes." (Paul Lazarsfeld). The Federation has encouraged all psychiatrists to get to know their elected representatives through its Political Action Task Force, launched during each election cycle. The focus of the Political Action Task Force is to encourage each psychiatrist to contact his/her legislator and engage in a dialogue about quality psychiatric care in Texas. The relationships formed with legislators will pay dividends during the Legislative Session. 

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean that politics won’t take an interest in you."    Pericles


Click here to view a new AACAP document on ACO's & Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Preparing for the Impact of Healthcare Reform. The document was developed by the AACAP Task Force on Healthcare Delivery Systems. It provides child and adolescent psychiatrists with an overview of the changes in healthcare delivery that are expected to occur as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as how these changes will affect the practice of child and adolescent psychiatry.


Please check the Job Bank for career opportunities. If you wish to post a job opportunity, please click here for an Job Bank Advertising Contract. If you wish to advertise in the Texas Psychiatrist Newsletter, with a circulation of over 3,000, please click here for a Newsletter Advertising Contract.

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